Calling All PlayStation Fan Boys

To set the record straight I do own a PS3. I use it to watch Blu-Ray movies. It also collects the dust that my Xbox 360 kindly blows over.  Do I care that Uncharted 3 came out a while back? Nope. Do I care that Sony has more exclusive titles this year? Nope. Why does Sony miss out on my money? Because I don’t want to play online games where the population is made up of hackers.


Microsoft has a bigger online community because they protect their customers identity and their experience.


Microsoft designed a scoring system that rewards hard work and commitment.


Hacking is severe on Xbox Live. Whether in a game or hacking your Gamerscore. Zero Tolerance


Microsoft improves it’s online capabilities, Sony just follows their lead.

You can say all you want about the Xbox 360 and it’s inferior hardware, but the reality is that they have a bigger audience and a group of gamer’s willing to pay for a better online experience. So quit talking up the PS3 like it’s the best experience in gaming, because reality check. If it were the ultimate experience, it would have more members than it’s competition.

Love, サリシャ


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