Gears of War 3 – The Dumbest Things People Do

We have all done or watched gamer’s do the dumbest things on GoW3. So here are a few of them.

Number 1:

Planting a grenade while being shot at and exposing the live grenade to lancer fire.(Just happened in a match where we were losing because my teammates are stupid. The guy planted a grenade and sat under it while the other team shot at the grenade. I was far enough away not to be hurt, but seriously how dumb can you get.)

Number 2:

Running for a teammate while a torque bow is aimed at you. In the end he discovered that I can get a double kill.

Number 3:

Missing the same person 3 times with a boomshot at close range. No joke I survived all three and killed him. Girl Power!

Number 4:

Throwing a smoke grenade into your own team that is under fire. In the end they all died and I abandoned the idiot as punishment for being a moron.

Number 5:

Using a flame grenade as a wall plant. First they never work and second if you plant one make it less obvious. Sticking something on the wall in plain sight makes it useless. I prefer finding someone to plant it one.

Has anyone ever killed the whole team with a planted grenade. It works great in Thrashball because they never take the time to check for planted grenades. They rush in guns blazing and hurray! 5 dead enemies and a larger K/D spread.


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