Exclusive The Last of Us not Big Success

If only developers weren’t driven by Microsoft or Sony funding we may have actually played this game. Sony released a really cool looking game for the Playstation 3, but the problem is most of the zombie games do better on the Xbox 360. I love my PS3 for a movie, but I almost never buy games. I just don’t feel the need to switch between my Xbox 360 and the PS3. Most the games I play are multi-console so no big deal. However when a game like this comes out that requires me to change consoles, I just forget about the game and go back to Gears of War 3 or another game I am working on. It’s not that I am against the PS3. I just enjoy the achievements, and there really is no great desire pushing me to buy games exclusive to the PS3. Maybe we will get the game later or the sequel if there is one.

Game Releases on Oct. 29 2012 on Playstation 3


6 thoughts on “Exclusive The Last of Us not Big Success

  1. I did say 60$. Also in reality I said it would fail because it doesn’t reach the crowd more likely to buy it. I don’t have a problem with Naughty Dog making games exclusive for the PS3 fan base, but wouldn’t it be nice if the exclusive war was over and games were available to anyone on any system. Also The Last of Us might fail because it is not on the system most preferred by gamer’s. I think sales would be so much more positive if Naughty Dog were making multi-console games. Just like if Epic Games were doing so as well.

    Also I think you look for places to pick fights with people who aren’t going to use bad words and insult you back. Your picking a fight over a blog for one thing, and an opinion which will not change just because you comment negatively. I stand by my opinion that The Last of Us is bound to have limited success, but in no means wish that on the game or the developer. I presented facts that can be found on VGchartz, and you blow them off as useless nonsense, but based on those facts The Last of Us is not projected to be successful.

    • I apologize for coming off as rude. Your point about limiting opportunities for success, while true, but doesn’t mean The Last of Us will suffer because of it. Obviously if, say, Call of duty was an Xbox exclusive, it wouldn’t make as much money because the people who only own a PS3, PC, Wii, or DS aren’t going to buy it. It is a shame that games have to be exclusive, and everyone can’t enjoy the great experience of a game like Halo or Uncharted across all systems. That said, I disagree with your point about It selling more because Xbox users like zombie games. If you’ve been keeping up with info on The Last of Us, Naughty Dog has stated that the interaction with Zombies is minimal in contrast to fighting humans. The game is not zombie centric and is not defind as a zombie game/horror survival. I belive it would sell better on PS3 because of the Uncharted/Naughty Dog fanbase, who would belive (-regardless of it being true or not-) that the best Naughty Dog experience is available with Playstation. When Bungie comes out with their first multi platform game, I’m confident it will sell better on Xbox, and Insomniacs will sell better on PS3.

      • Well true the developer that makes exclusive titles is going to make it to maximize the possibilities in graphics and performance. I do truly believe that the PS3 offers a much better visual experience. The Xbox 360 is way out performed by the PS3. Anyone with eyes can see that.

        I know that The Last of Us has a lot more to it than just zombies. I actually really like what I see in the story. It has more depth than most would expect. The characters are more than just filler. Something many games lack nowadays. I am afraid that the evolution of social media and the ability to post and opinion anytime anywhere has made the exclusive war a never ending battle. Gaming will never be about bringing a game to as many gamer’s as possible, instead about winning adoration for a specific console.

        I wouldn’t be so sure about a exclusive developer going multi-console and it not impacting both sides equally. Personally I would love to see Halo 4 on the PS3 if only for the visual capabilities. Just like Killzone would be amazing on Xbox Live. With the hacker free environment it would completely change my outlook on it. Since mostly I just sit there and watch hackers ruin my fun. I could see sales in both consoles being so much better with a little love from both sides of the aisle. It will never happen though.

  2. …so because you prefer not to use your PS3 for games, The Last Of Us is not a “big success”.? Just shut up. Nobody cares about your personal preferences unless they directly relate to what your writing about.

    • I never said that, and you need to chill out! Because nobody cares that your butt hurt because I actually called out an exclusive that is exclusive on the wrong system. First it is a blog, and second I find any developer that would exclusive a game to the PS3 by there own will is sick in the head. I have never played a zombie game on the PS3 that I liked and secondly The Last of Us might be a good game, but nobody will know except for the 10 people that spend 60$ on the game for a PS3. The nice news is that Sony is paying developers to bring their games exclusively to the PS3 only to have the game bust because they have a pitiful audience.

      Left 4 Dead – Sold more on Xbox 360
      Left 4 Dead 2 – Sold more on Xbox 360
      Dead Island – Sold more on Xbox 360

      If the game is successful than good for them, but I have projected that the game is a bust on the grounds that the game has received no interest in pre-order.

      Instead it is Diablo III – Tom Clancy’s Future Soldier and Assassin’s Creed 3. I project maybe 15,000 pre-orders at the most and maybe another 15,0000 after, but most will wait for it to be 20$ in the used game bin

      • Naughty Dog isn’t out to get Xbox users. They haven’t excluded Xbox 360 and PC because they feel like it. They are OWNED by Sony. They always have been. Don’t give me all your statistics and shit to back up your argument of your going to through out a childish statement like: “only 10 people are gonna by it!” Also, games are $60 on PS3 and Xbox. It’s obviously your decision what you play and prefer, but don’t write argumentive articles with no actual facts. Your article basically said “The Last Of Us will fail because it’s not on the gaming system that I prefer.”

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