Review – Lord of the Rings: War in the North

IGN called this game the biggest disappointment of the year. Now if they would have played the game before this statement that this game was far from the disappointment they claim it to be. Like most Lord of the Ring games they have  the classic Tolkien world feel. This game does not follow the fellowship directly, but it introduces character that fight a different battle.

The story is simple and fun. You are charged by Aragorn to deal with the Sauron’s forces to the north. It takes you on a very exciting journey as you fight bosses and goblins. While the game focuses on the character levels and skill it reminds me of The Third Age. A game based of LOTR series. It was one of my favorite games and I still own a copy to this day.

However unlike The Third Age it has a free movement fighting style that copies The Return of the King game. Which was the best game of the trilogy. You can play multiplayer, which allows up to 2 other players to join locally or through the internet. Unfortunately they made a huge mistake in this game.

Trophies and achievements are not unlock-able unless you are the host. So people who join you will get no trophies or achievements. I was disappointed in this because my friend played through it with me and got no achievements.

Some of the best features in this game is the changing of armor effects your look. Just like skyrim you get nicer looking outfits the farther you level. Also the cut scenes will show your current armor style instead of default. It is always nice to see the developer take the time to add the little things.

Lag is based on the host so it is a give and take situation. I recommend hosting so you get your achievements. However if you prefer there is single player which is also doable with the AI’s instead.

This game is worth the time to play through with only about six hours of gameplay in one play through. Each play through unlocks the next difficulty, normal, heroic, and legendary.

Rating 8/10 for excellent gameplay and a well written story.

EDIT: The multiplayer has a glitch. If you choose to co-op with other people online you may not get achievements/trophies for playing. It happens with often and can sometimes corrupt you character file. Which means you can’t play single player anymore on that character. You would have to make a new file and start over completely.


2 thoughts on “Review – Lord of the Rings: War in the North

  1. I know they’re not that popular any more (but, after all, I’m a grandfather) . . . they haven’t released any turn-based LOR games, have they? I’d love to see one. Seems like I did have a PC game based on the books about twenty years ago. Sure wish someone would offer a new treatment.

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