Why did Sony take a Dive is sales in 2011?

Most people read enough to know I am not a crazed fan of Sony. I didn’t write this however to run down the Playstation 3 or Sony. I did however wonder how a system that is so glorified by every online website and G4 TV for that matter did so poorly. I mean it is no surprise that when the PS3 released the majority of gamer’s couldn’t spring $800 for the system. It seemed like forever before they made small price drops to compete with the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360.

Yet here we are in 2012 and the numbers say that the PS3 had 400,000 less consoles sold in 2011. This is a trend that could be based on several things:

First – The economy has been horrible, and most people can’t afford a new console.

Second – The system doesn’t offer a motion style system that attracts attention from the motion gaming fan base. I mean ya so you have a controller to hold just like the Wii. I think in many respects the Kinect offers more than the controller based motion.

Third – Sony offers a larger base of exclusives that it’s main competitor Microsoft. However once you get past the fanboy trends and look at the list of exclusives their leaves much to be desired. I know the fanboys will start the trolling, but frankly I don’t care, name one thing about uncharted that is different from every other shooter. Sony just hyped it up for profit.

Fourth – Finally the big profit killer. Hello! You were hacked! You have free online service, key word free. You provide no security for your customers and you allow the worlds most pathetic fungus to run rampant on your servers. You wanna bring customers back to the PS3? Fix your sloppy internet!

I got on this rant after I read on IGN that a group of feminine looking men were celebrating 5 years for the PS3. I’ll celebrate when they fix all the problems involved in wanting to socialize with another gamer, but can’t because the other gamer’s are attempting to hack for no other reason than to do it.

Also these guys were discussing the fact that the PS3 is closing in on the Xbox 360 sales numbers. I guess that would matter to Sony, but how does that make any difference to the IGN employees? Am I missing something here, or is this just another one of these down times for the PS3 fanboys? No new exclusive games to play so they get on their mac books and troll websites looking for new victims? Ever wonder why Nintendo and Microsoft never has anything to say about games? It because they would rather play a game than attack them.


2 thoughts on “Why did Sony take a Dive is sales in 2011?

  1. We’ve had the PS3 now for about a year and a half and it has by far exceeded my expectations. A few counterpoints:

    1. The Xbox360 is far from not having its own share of problems. I remember a lot of people having to send their machines back and wait for awhile to get it fixed or replaced. The layout and buttons of the controller for the Xbox are awkward and confusing – at least for me. I could go on, but I think you get the point.

    2. I have not had any issues with security. Access to their online content costs nothing and I end up using my PS3 to watch movies through Netflix, Amazon, or Vudu.

    3. I think the motion tracking, while innovative, will never be something that hardcore gamers will ever embrace. I say that because hardcore players spend hours playing and their weak bodies could not hold up. 😛 But seriously, I love my Wii for what it does, but for most gaming, motion tracking just doesn’t make sense to me.

    • First point is understandable. I own 3 systems and 2 have Red Ringed. However I prefer the Xbox 360 controller. The PlayStation model is fine, but not as easy to hold as the Xbox 360 model.
      Second Point:
      The Sony online system is a hackers paradise. I don’t know how many games you have played online, but there is no restrictions or banning going on. People can hack at their leisure and it isn’t right. 3rd party stuff is different because it doesn’t effect the outcome of a game. Call of Duty games are a nightmare on the PS3, you get spawn killed like crazy because people have mods to make you spawn in same place over and over. I have nothing but complaints for their free service. Because their is no income to maintain it.
      3rd Point:
      I agree motion will never catch on with the Hardcore gamer, however I don’t think any company will abandon it. They will continue to push it and we may see more motion based games over controller with the next gen consoles.

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