Review – Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Bad Company was a great game. It really broke the stride in first person shooters. The second installment dove deeper into the story, as well as gameplay. The campaign was pretty short, and not that hard. It goes by quickly and offers only 1/3 of the achievements. The rest are Online or expansion based.

The story is about stopping Russia from making a weapon that can destroy the world. A squad of Spec Ops are deployed to make sure that doesn’t happen. The best weapon to use is sniper. It is quick and accurate. The worst part of the game would be shooting down the helicopters. They really love to dodge the RPG. I got annoyed often, but in the end it was well designed to offer a challenge.

Multiplayer is so much better than expected. The game offers Squad Match. Which is a 4 team, 4 player battle style. You get the same goodies from any other game mode. Tanks and the like. Just don’t think you can’t die in a tank. The tank is vulnerable to RPG and grenades. Rush or Conquest is the other notable game type, it offers the gamer the opportunity to rush for control, or fight for your land.

The game is very good and deserves a 7/10 for a good change of pace shooter with solid gameplay, great cinematic, and a stellar multiplayer experience. Even if level 50 is a serious grind.


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