Review – Star Wars: The Old Republic


Star Wars is a well known franchise, it spans the globe. So when Bioware spilled the beans on this MMO. There was a uproar of anticipation. Did it live up to the hype? While it may not be quite as over populated as World of Warcraft. It has taken the MMO to a new horizon. From the starting video to the Sith/Jedi videos you can’t help but marvel at the incredible graphics.

The first step as in any MMO is to choose Race/Class and your look. To begin you choose between Sith and Jedi. I chose Jedi as my first character. Now you choose your Class, I chose Jedi Consular. Which is essentially the class that’s main focus is Force power. than you choose race. All Sith races can be unlocked by reaching level 50 with a character. I chose Human. You than spend time customizing  everything about your character. I made a female with light blue hair and grey eyes. Short and average size.

The game begins with something I wasn’t expecting. You make choices much like in Mass Effect, as well as follow a very in depth story-line. You will play through the Training which has enough main and side quests to get you to level 10. You than travel to a fleet that allows Sith and Jedi to battle in what is known as a warzone match. There are absolutely no level based matches. So if you join as a level 10. You might die quickly to a level 50.

After you make it onto the fleet your first stop is to speak with the Advanced Class Trainer. Depending on your class will depend on the trainer. You have two options, my options were to be a healer primarily, or to be a tank who uses the force as a weapon as well as a double bladed light saber.

You than learn quite a few new skills and are given your first light saber. Than take the time to learn three crew skills. I learned scavenging, Archaeology, and Armtech.

You than travel to different planets through your levels, gain access to speeders, your own ship, and crew. Companions are earned as you level, however you can only have on companion with you at a time.

I recommend this game for several reasons, Graphic masterpiece, incredible story for each class, and the only MMO that makes each decision you make relevant to the outcome of the game. Three cheers to Bioware who has changed the way I look at the MMO for years to come.

Rating 9/10


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