Review – Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7


I enjoy the Lego games, and their is little better than Harry Potter. This game is a mirror of the first. It finishes the story based on the movies. There are the usual hurdles with the multiple replays and buying all the characters and extras. It will take at least 30 hours to get through the whole game thoroughly. However if you are just looking for a single play through I would say 10-15 hours of gameplay. If you only do what is necessary only, than 8-10 hours. The game is just as any other Lego game. I did mute the volume because it is irritating to listen to the sound effects of the game. Here is where I stand so far on the game. Click picture to get a zoom in look. I recommend this game if you like the Lego franchise, if not maybe this isn’t the game for you. Rating 7/10. For what the game is it really can’t get much better, it’s not necessarily ground breaking by any means and the game is very railed. It doesn’t stand out, but it doesn’t pale when compared to previous games. Hope this is helpful.


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