Review: Resident Evil 6


First and Foremost Resident Evil Racoon City was a disappointment, and some were worried that this game was doomed to that fate as well. I believe that this game is a huge improvement from Racoon City, and even has a better gameplay that Resident Evil 5. The game jump into action with each characters story. I love the graphics, gunplay, and nonstop action. The story is well developed and doesn’t attempt to over complicate the series. It was a straight forward campaign for each, and it does have a nice co-op feature. I would recommend this game to a fan of the series easily, this is however not a kids game. It is graphic and very realistic looking. I would highly recommend that kids be given supervision if you choose to let your kid play it.

This game would receive a 8/10 from me because it was a well developed game that brings many of the RE gameplay back as any fan would expect or even demand. So go out and get it, cause it is worth the play through.


2 thoughts on “Review: Resident Evil 6

  1. I know a lot of people are critical of the game, but I think it’s a decent RE and deserving of the 8/10 you gave it. It’s not going to be in the discussion for game of the year, make no mistake. However, it’s certainly worth considering, and will most likely have some DLC at some point to add to the replay value.

    • Thanks for the comment! I thought it was good, RE is unique in gameplay to shooter genre, and I think current generation gamer’s have a hard time accepting that.

      I agree it is no game of the year, but it is a top 10 game for the year and deserve better feedback than people give.

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