Learning Your Role in League of Legends


It’s important in League of Legends to know your role. Each champion has a role, and each lane has a group of champions that can play it effectively. The truth is that lately people have been completely unresponsive to the roles designed to them. I am a mid or support player. I either support the AD carry on bottom or I push mid with communication and wards. Yet for some reason I have seen a great amount of players deciding that champion kills are the only thing that matter so they push for the champ kills and nothing else. They let their lane fall victim to minions and champs while they go gank another lane. Maybe I am mistaken but isn’t the point to League of Legends to work as a team to win?

If you do not know your role ask someone for help or research the champion. After you hit level 30 you need to know each purchased champions you play to perfection. Know their builds, their pro’s and cons’s, and when to runs from a fight and when to push the fight. League is a easy game to learn, but a hard game to master. So learn from the team and if you don’t know your role or champion, go play against the ai and get experience.


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