Shyvana in Rotation…Let’s PvP with no Experience


Yes it is true I went into a normal PvP match on a champion I have never played. I ended up jungling  and just went to town on the opponent. I was so shocked after the match that I did so well. Someone asked me if I was pro…and I said no and that was my first time on Shyvana. The whole chat room was shocked that I was not a pro player lol. I will admit two things about shyvana.

One: She has the ultimate that removes group fights. When I say that I mean she can drag any glass cannon out of a fight and kill them with no assistance. Leaving the team to ad or ap the stragglers. I say in many respects she could easily be the best crowd control champion yet.

Two: She can move between lanes easily using ability speed to get her close to a fight. I really like that about her. She can simply keep an opponent locked up for the glass cannon to kill or sneak around the back door and surprise someone.


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