Season 3 of League of Legends Right Around Corner

league of legends jungler season 3 riot lol


So it’s time to dust the keyboard, clear away the empty cans of mountain dew, or rockstar, and go back to work huh? Well shoot and here I thought vacation was longer! Oh well better have the champion meeting so we all know our roles…

Ok are all my champions assembled? Ahri lights Zyra on fire with her tail…

Which starts the usual argument about Leona bringing her shield to the table again.

Followed by Miss Fortune and Caitlyn fighting for my affection.

After settling down the usual suspects I take role call for my seasons champions…

Miss fortune

Primarily I play mid so as you can see I have a few adc just in case my team wants to mix it up. I am the first to admit I am most effective with Ahri, but have gotten good with Zyra over preseason so wish me luck 🙂


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