Beginners Guide to League of Legends



Today we will discuss lanes and champions that fulfill these lanes.

Top Lane:

Top lane is a tank vs tank lane. They usually farm minions and try to push each other back to their turrets. Lvl’s 1-3 are farming levels and only a fool wastes time attacking the opponent. Save your mana and watch for the gank.


Jungling is a role involving a champion gathering buffs and ganking champions. Taking smite is a must and always plan out a gank with teammate. Allow the champion to push your turret and then come in from behind as your teamate engages the enemy. There are only so many champions that are good at jungling, for example Shyvanna is a jungler.

Mid Lane:

Now mid lane is a apc vs apc lane. Usually this lane is filled by someone like ahri for example.(APC means ability Power Carry) This lane is usually a favorite lane for the jungler to gank because of squishy champions

Bottom Lane:

Should have a Attack Damage champion, Example: Miss Fortune. Followed by a support champion, Example: Leona. They work together to catch the other off guard. This is usually where all the early game kills come from. As a support you do not want kills, only assists. Kills means you suck at your job, and can lead to your adc leaving you for death just to be mean.

I hope this helps new players understand the concept behind the game and makes their future games easier to understand. You can find out more about your champion and his.her build by using Google to search for

“(champions name) build”


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