Lee Sin – Master of the Jungle



Lee Sin is a jungle king. I have a lot of respect for anyone who has mastered this champion. He is very dangerous as a ganker. He uses a combo of slowing jumping and shielding to make anyone thinking about an easy kill think twice. When it comes to playing him effectively you need to gank often and use your abilities to keep the enemy contained. I recommend building him to have a bloodthirster and spirit visage because it will make his 1v1 fights in favor of him.

Build like this:

Hunters Machete + Potions(Good for early monster fights)
Wriggles Lantern(Makes you kill monsters faster and gives you gank damage)
Berserker Greaves(Speed boost)
Bloodthirster(Life Steal)
Spirit Visage(Boost lifesteal and health)
Frozen Mallet(Slow down enemies so they can’t get away)
Zephyr(Attack speed as well as a reduction on all enemy effects)
Sell Lantern at this point you no longer are jungling
Warmog’s Armor(Health and health regen makes you super hard to kill)


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