Review – NBA 2k13


Since EA bowed out of the NBA, 2k has not only continued it’s dominance as a great developer, but has really led the way for sports gaming. One of the main things that draws me to NBA 2k13 is My career. Which is a in-depth player creation that gives you customization for every part of your career. You can change how you look before game, after game, and during games. Your answers in a press conference determine how teammates, your fans, and local fans feel about you. For Instance, my player has a chemistry of 83%, 63% popularity with local fans and almost 200 thousand fans. I am half way through a 82 game season and have averages of 7.5 pts – 9.8 ast – and 3.1 reb a game.

Also included again is association mode and Creating an NBA Legend, which takes a current player and lets play as them. Online gameplay is still the same and people still quit out with irritating frequency.

This game deserves a 8-10 for solid gameplay with annual changes that make the game better as well as continuing to lead the way for other sports. 2k has proven that good games are all about listening to the fans and delivering. Take notes EA.


2 thoughts on “Review – NBA 2k13

  1. I wonder how awesome these game will look in 2113. You will probably be able to simulate yourself defending Lebron ).

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