My Guide to Sivir


Sivir is a great Attack Damage Carry(ADC) Champion, She is extremely dangerous because her boomerang deals damage twice once through targets and again on way back. She is great at harassing early game and killing late game. Although she has no slowing effects she does possess a ultimate(R) that can chase down even Master Yi. For this reason she is quite dangerous to be around with low health. Because she deals a lot of damage without her ultimate, once she uses it she gets a major attack speed/damage and movement boost for a short duration. To make her even harder to kill she possesses a shield as well as a damage/speed boost. So she can usually take a final shot and if you are low on health it usually means death. So I been messing with her build and really like this build.

Doran’s Blade to Start.
Recall with 900 gold Berserker Greaves(Attack speed boost.)
Infinity Edge(Crit and atk dmg)
Phantom Dancer(More Crit and atk spd)
Frozen Mallet(Health and dmg)
Mercurial Scimitar(Magic Resist and atk dmg)
(Sell Doran)Atma’s Impaler(Armor and Crit and atk dmg perk)


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