Sony Patent Could Completely Eliminate Used Games – Good or Bad?

Batman and Joker

IGN – Video Link

US20130007892A1 – Patent File

So is it a good or bad thing if the gaming world is only able to get new games? In my opinion it could hurt the amount of people who play console games. Why? Well because a lot of gamer’s are parents. So they have responsibilities to their families to provide. A Sixty dollar game is not easy to buy, and even if you have the money it is hard to throw that much money away. Even more important is that companies that rent games are gonna go out of business which is only going to eliminate a industry that provides jobs. Also only Sony has this patent so that means unless they sell it to the other competitors than that only hurts their sales. Microsoft is no doubt hoping Sony does this so they can get all their customers. Hate to say it Sony, but this is not a move I would recommend to any company. Just like Batman is choking Joker, Sony has themselves in a choke hold on this one, sure you make no money on used games, but does that effect profits that much? Time to think from a business perspective, and either all go in or none.


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