League of Legends Season 3 NA Qualifiers


Looking back on the champions that stood out in the qualifiers. I have to say the one champion everyone didn’t want to play was Evelynn. Who can blame them, right! She is a great jungler that can use her array of abilities to keep someone from escaping or even a mid champ that can push the front turret and give her team a dangerous lead. I also as always saw the instant ban on Malphite. He is a very dangerous champion to deal with. Cho’Gath and Urgot were used with excellent execution. I loved seeing Nunu in the support role. He is so hard to deal with if given a chance to ult in the middle of a fight. Group fights were often decided by the skill of the adc and apc.’

It’s good too see some underdog’s go into the season this year. As well as the veteran’s Voyboy is as always a great player to watch as he is so entertaining. Team MRN got a big win to get the 8th spot in the qualifier. Excellent turn around games for them to get the chance to play. I look forward to this season.

Also it is possible to have a 3v3 with randoms and even at lvl 30 the guy playing Ezreal is clueless. He built tank…sad right! So I was Taric and friend was Renekton and even with out great play we couldn’t overcome Dr. Mundo and Amumu. I was rather angry with player who has no skill playing first time Ezreal. Apparently he hasn’t ever looked at recommended items.


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