Activating Items in League of Legends



Today I came across a solo queue game where our support was not using the Zhonya’s Hourglass active ability in team fights. I did talk to him during the game and told him the benefits of the hourglass. He ended up using it in a tough team fight and we aced the team. So I thought I would mention it here. When it comes to choosing items it is wise to learn the active abilities so that it can get you a kill in a fight. When I play as Kayle, Zhonya is automatic item. The cc it offers makes up for Kayles limited cc, and gives the team a chance to rally. I also take Nashor’s Tooth for the cool down and Morellonomicon is great for the cool down and the grievous wounds. Take a Gunblade for the ad and ap it gives and you have a dangerous support. A warmog’s gives you that 1000hp boost and can give you a longer presence in team fights.


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