Review – Assassin’s Creed: Revelations



First, I am a long time player of the series. I have a lot of love for this franchise. Second my opinion of this game is based on several things: game play, story line, and ending. So to begin the game play is really what I expected it to be. It still has a few things I personally don’t like, for instance, the spear soldiers take a lot to bring down and more than one is pretty annoying. However that aside the game play is smooth and I see no glitches or problems with fighting or roof hopping. Templar dens are still a cool idea, but I get tired of sneaking up on the roof and looking for guys with rifles.

Story line is awesome, and very well written. I loved the additions to the game, such as Yusaf, he was a great add on. I hate buying all the shops though, and have yet to do it. The ending with Altair and Ezio was beautifully done and I love how he acknowledges Desmond in the end, an gives him the apple of Eden. Here is my problem. The ending was just cut off, and you left a lot of questions unanswered. Seriously? As a fan and consumer I think this series could be one of the greatest story driven games of all time.  I salute you guys/gals for the great games you gave us.


I don’t know who determined to have a great portion of achievements for this game multi-player based. I never thought the game was a mutli-player game to begin with. If you are a completion nut, do not play! However I do recommend this game for the great story line.


I give this game a 8/10 for a great overall experience.


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