First Ranked of Season 3

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My first ranked game could have gone better, I was support so can’t really blame me for this one. I died 4 time to save my adc from dying early game and even though their team won they were really not very good. However we had a few problems. Our mid was Gragas vs Heimerdinger. He struggled even with ganks from my friend who was great jungler in the match. He used his running move to knock heimerdinger out of a sure death. He fed them 9 times early game and top lane was allowing Shen to cs too easily. Me and Caitlyn were doing great we had good cs and even with my deaths we were winning lane when the jungler was away. Lux went straight ap however and it ended up being our doom in the end. Our team was focusing the wrong champions and we were allowing Lux and twitch to do too much damage. My friend and I played our support and jungle roles really well and even took down lux, but the rest the team was too focused on tanks. In the end it was really inexperience from mid and top lane that hurt us. Also Caitlyn built blade instead of infinity and it really hurt us in the damage output also she was not really trying to get kills and in the end she was not trying to feed and shut down Lux which was a argument I brought up early game to shut down lux. Twitch was not in the CS business and that helped our lane push down tower, but it was a trade 1-1 because they got mid and after that it fell apart.

My question is this, is Taric still a champion to support with or is his changes in the update making shatter less effective making him nothing more than a stunner? I even tried going twin shadows to see if ap would help shatter but it really didn’t.


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