Summoners Rift lvl 1

SummonersRift - Copy


From blue side is the traditional way to cover the invade. It is helpful to take golems for 2 reasons. You take a early lead on bottom and they respawn before jungler is over there. A early level 2 gives you the chance to dive for a kill. Try to switch the golems attention between you to keep your health up. If played right you can dominate the lane with the extra Exp early game. Make sure your 60 second ward goes above the dragon in the bush. Place it at 1:20 and it  will give the invade vision you need since the tri-bush will be covered by the adc and you till close to 1:30 when the minions and monsters spawn. Make sure to ward according to the situation if you are backed against the turret place a ward in the tri-bush, and if you have an aggressive support on the other team ward to bush on the side so you can see the movement. If you start pushing hard place a ward near dragon but make sure it is closer to the blue on river. That way if they come from blue to gank you see it earlier. Map awareness as a support is crucial, a good support knows where the jungler is and pushes accordingly. If the jungler is top, then push hard and try to get the kill, now if you don’t want to push the turret then you let the minions do the work. You can make a wave of minions stack by killing the ranged minions and letting to combat minions fight. They have higher hp and it will stack the minion waves making it harder for the team to ignore the wave. Do this often to split the team and win team fights. Remember a good support takes wards often and protects the adc, sacrificing yourself to protect them gives them time to recall or wait for jungler.


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