League of Legends Ranked ELO Hell and Beyond



From the soap box of the Riot box I am now going to go over the real issues that have been a plague throughout season 3.  From Elo Hell and its problems throughout the community, whether bronze or diamond.

One of the things that Riot did is they made it so that even if you are a Gold player you can still have your MMR(Hidden Points) placing you in bronze. This was designed to ensure that a carried person that is playing in lets say diamond V is not going to move up if they are at the skill level of a silver V. How they structure this is simple enough to understand from a certain view.


I am a Bronze I – I have a MMR Score that places me above my current Division.

My guess is I am Rated as a Silver IV or Silver III. – How do I know this? Ok so when they queue you up with other players for ranked match you can look at the players you will compete against. So when I get into a match I go here to see my match up.

I always get queued with no lower than a silver V and as high as a silver I. This means my match up is against the better of silver division as well as a win gives me a high amount of League points. If I lose I will see less points drop off my total.

Win/Loss Points Determination:

Win vs a higher ranked ream = More points

Win vs a lower ranked team = Less Points

Loss vs a higher ranked team = Less Points Lost

Loss vs a lower ranked team = More Points Lost

How to get out of the Clutches of being under ranked:

There is only currently one way to regain the position you are in and that is to win a lot. If you are stuck in a lower rank than you are you have to keep playing and try to raise that hidden MMR until you can get back to the right division you are in.

Preventing the chances of falling below your division:

Try not to play to many games if losing all of them. If you lose 3 in a row take a 2 hour break and come back after the system records it. If you keep playing and losing you can dig a hole and never get out. Don’t stop playing if on a win streak. The more you win the faster you hit promotion and the less likely you will fall out of division. Also you get more points for win streaks and hit that promotion series faster. If you lose 2 in promotion series best of 5 maybe take a break and wait till you are ready to go in and play with your wits about you. Nothing worst than being down on yourself before a big game.

Anyways I just wanted to write something up to encourage those of us who have been needing a boost of confidence.


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