Review – Assassin’s Creed: Revelations



First, I am a long time player of the series. I have a lot of love for this franchise. Second my opinion of this game is based on several things: game play, story line, and ending. So to begin the game play is really what I expected it to be. It still has a few things I personally don’t like, for instance, the spear soldiers take a lot to bring down and more than one is pretty annoying. However that aside the game play is smooth and I see no glitches or problems with fighting or roof hopping. Templar dens are still a cool idea, but I get tired of sneaking up on the roof and looking for guys with rifles.

Story line is awesome, and very well written. I loved the additions to the game, such as Yusaf, he was a great add on. I hate buying all the shops though, and have yet to do it. The ending with Altair and Ezio was beautifully done and I love how he acknowledges Desmond in the end, an gives him the apple of Eden. Here is my problem. The ending was just cut off, and you left a lot of questions unanswered. Seriously? As a fan and consumer I think this series could be one of the greatest story driven games of all time.  I salute you guys/gals for the great games you gave us.


I don’t know who determined to have a great portion of achievements for this game multi-player based. I never thought the game was a mutli-player game to begin with. If you are a completion nut, do not play! However I do recommend this game for the great story line.


I give this game a 8/10 for a great overall experience.


Review – NBA 2k13


Since EA bowed out of the NBA, 2k has not only continued it’s dominance as a great developer, but has really led the way for sports gaming. One of the main things that draws me to NBA 2k13 is My career. Which is a in-depth player creation that gives you customization for every part of your career. You can change how you look before game, after game, and during games. Your answers in a press conference determine how teammates, your fans, and local fans feel about you. For Instance, my player has a chemistry of 83%, 63% popularity with local fans and almost 200 thousand fans. I am half way through a 82 game season and have averages of 7.5 pts – 9.8 ast – and 3.1 reb a game.

Also included again is association mode and Creating an NBA Legend, which takes a current player and lets play as them. Online gameplay is still the same and people still quit out with irritating frequency.

This game deserves a 8-10 for solid gameplay with annual changes that make the game better as well as continuing to lead the way for other sports. 2k has proven that good games are all about listening to the fans and delivering. Take notes EA.

Review: Resident Evil 6


First and Foremost Resident Evil Racoon City was a disappointment, and some were worried that this game was doomed to that fate as well. I believe that this game is a huge improvement from Racoon City, and even has a better gameplay that Resident Evil 5. The game jump into action with each characters story. I love the graphics, gunplay, and nonstop action. The story is well developed and doesn’t attempt to over complicate the series. It was a straight forward campaign for each, and it does have a nice co-op feature. I would recommend this game to a fan of the series easily, this is however not a kids game. It is graphic and very realistic looking. I would highly recommend that kids be given supervision if you choose to let your kid play it.

This game would receive a 8/10 from me because it was a well developed game that brings many of the RE gameplay back as any fan would expect or even demand. So go out and get it, cause it is worth the play through.

Review – Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7


I enjoy the Lego games, and their is little better than Harry Potter. This game is a mirror of the first. It finishes the story based on the movies. There are the usual hurdles with the multiple replays and buying all the characters and extras. It will take at least 30 hours to get through the whole game thoroughly. However if you are just looking for a single play through I would say 10-15 hours of gameplay. If you only do what is necessary only, than 8-10 hours. The game is just as any other Lego game. I did mute the volume because it is irritating to listen to the sound effects of the game. Here is where I stand so far on the game. Click picture to get a zoom in look. I recommend this game if you like the Lego franchise, if not maybe this isn’t the game for you. Rating 7/10. For what the game is it really can’t get much better, it’s not necessarily ground breaking by any means and the game is very railed. It doesn’t stand out, but it doesn’t pale when compared to previous games. Hope this is helpful.

Review – Star Wars: The Old Republic


Star Wars is a well known franchise, it spans the globe. So when Bioware spilled the beans on this MMO. There was a uproar of anticipation. Did it live up to the hype? While it may not be quite as over populated as World of Warcraft. It has taken the MMO to a new horizon. From the starting video to the Sith/Jedi videos you can’t help but marvel at the incredible graphics.

The first step as in any MMO is to choose Race/Class and your look. To begin you choose between Sith and Jedi. I chose Jedi as my first character. Now you choose your Class, I chose Jedi Consular. Which is essentially the class that’s main focus is Force power. than you choose race. All Sith races can be unlocked by reaching level 50 with a character. I chose Human. You than spend time customizing  everything about your character. I made a female with light blue hair and grey eyes. Short and average size.

The game begins with something I wasn’t expecting. You make choices much like in Mass Effect, as well as follow a very in depth story-line. You will play through the Training which has enough main and side quests to get you to level 10. You than travel to a fleet that allows Sith and Jedi to battle in what is known as a warzone match. There are absolutely no level based matches. So if you join as a level 10. You might die quickly to a level 50.

After you make it onto the fleet your first stop is to speak with the Advanced Class Trainer. Depending on your class will depend on the trainer. You have two options, my options were to be a healer primarily, or to be a tank who uses the force as a weapon as well as a double bladed light saber.

You than learn quite a few new skills and are given your first light saber. Than take the time to learn three crew skills. I learned scavenging, Archaeology, and Armtech.

You than travel to different planets through your levels, gain access to speeders, your own ship, and crew. Companions are earned as you level, however you can only have on companion with you at a time.

I recommend this game for several reasons, Graphic masterpiece, incredible story for each class, and the only MMO that makes each decision you make relevant to the outcome of the game. Three cheers to Bioware who has changed the way I look at the MMO for years to come.

Rating 9/10

Review – Magic 2013

I have played the two previous games of Magic on the Xbox 360. They were both very good for their time. Offering different experiences instead of mirroring each other. The original Magic was a lot harder than the others, it had some pretty nasty decks too. The black deck being the most abused. While the 2nd is easier to complete, especially with expansion decks. There is no doubt that 3rd time is the charm for this game. It adds some amazing decks, a variety of new features. While it doesn’t have archenemy, it takes the game further with a 4 way duel. 10 decks to unlock and challenges to test your wits.

This game offers the Magic fan a break from the expense of the cards without losing the fun of building and competing. A solid 8/10 for being a great game for the Magic fan.

Review – Batman: Arkham Asylum

I can’t begin to describe the sheer awesomeness of this game. I know I played it late, but with Gamefly you have to play what you can get. The game is funny, serious, and a constant thriller. The game story line is a simple Joker escapes with an elaborate plan, now you have to stop him and save Gotham from total destruction.

With a little patience and a walkthrough you can get all the collectibles for the achievements and make it through the game in one play through. You can go straight to hard, which isn’t too bad. You just have to be patient in fights and allow them to make mistakes.

There is no multiplayer in this game. Also no co-op. Which in truth it doesn’t need any of that. I love the fighting style which is similar to Assassin’s Creed. Also the boss fights are really well done. Probably the best part of this game is the humor. As usual Joker is all jokes and no business. He will have your sides aching from the start. I look forward to playing Arkham City as soon as I get the chance.

I highly recommend this game and would give it a 9/10.