Review – Assassin’s Creed: Revelations



First, I am a long time player of the series. I have a lot of love for this franchise. Second my opinion of this game is based on several things: game play, story line, and ending. So to begin the game play is really what I expected it to be. It still has a few things I personally don’t like, for instance, the spear soldiers take a lot to bring down and more than one is pretty annoying. However that aside the game play is smooth and I see no glitches or problems with fighting or roof hopping. Templar dens are still a cool idea, but I get tired of sneaking up on the roof and looking for guys with rifles.

Story line is awesome, and very well written. I loved the additions to the game, such as Yusaf, he was a great add on. I hate buying all the shops though, and have yet to do it. The ending with Altair and Ezio was beautifully done and I love how he acknowledges Desmond in the end, an gives him the apple of Eden. Here is my problem. The ending was just cut off, and you left a lot of questions unanswered. Seriously? As a fan and consumer I think this series could be one of the greatest story driven games of all time.  I salute you guys/gals for the great games you gave us.


I don’t know who determined to have a great portion of achievements for this game multi-player based. I never thought the game was a mutli-player game to begin with. If you are a completion nut, do not play! However I do recommend this game for the great story line.


I give this game a 8/10 for a great overall experience.


Winning by Determination in League of Legends

Taric Win


We were getting beat on every lane. I was supporting Teemo(AP) on bottom lane and he was just dying over and over. I had gotten a double kill under the turret after temmo had died diving it. I used a pro flash move to get away over a wall and ran into their jungler who attempted to take me out. My jungler dives in and I stun, shatter and ult all in one second. He tries to ditch but I exhaust him so my jungler and finish it. Late game we are losing team fights, and I know we need a straight armor boost so we can survive. Using the fact that I have been a target in team fights to our advantage I build frozen Heart. Followed by Runic Bulwark, and we slowly take back our pride. They managed to push down the middle inhibitor and have made no attempt at Baron, which I keep Vision wards on constantly. Pushing Down mid we take down their inhibitor. I tanked the turret which never got past my great armor protection. We than run down take the baron and ace them. I once again am focused but this time I know they can’t take me down quick enough because their team has no ADC(Ryze & Morgana Bottom).


Activating Items in League of Legends



Today I came across a solo queue game where our support was not using the Zhonya’s Hourglass active ability in team fights. I did talk to him during the game and told him the benefits of the hourglass. He ended up using it in a tough team fight and we aced the team. So I thought I would mention it here. When it comes to choosing items it is wise to learn the active abilities so that it can get you a kill in a fight. When I play as Kayle, Zhonya is automatic item. The cc it offers makes up for Kayles limited cc, and gives the team a chance to rally. I also take Nashor’s Tooth for the cool down and Morellonomicon is great for the cool down and the grievous wounds. Take a Gunblade for the ad and ap it gives and you have a dangerous support. A warmog’s gives you that 1000hp boost and can give you a longer presence in team fights.

League of Legends Season 3 NA Qualifiers


Looking back on the champions that stood out in the qualifiers. I have to say the one champion everyone didn’t want to play was Evelynn. Who can blame them, right! She is a great jungler that can use her array of abilities to keep someone from escaping or even a mid champ that can push the front turret and give her team a dangerous lead. I also as always saw the instant ban on Malphite. He is a very dangerous champion to deal with. Cho’Gath and Urgot were used with excellent execution. I loved seeing Nunu in the support role. He is so hard to deal with if given a chance to ult in the middle of a fight. Group fights were often decided by the skill of the adc and apc.’

It’s good too see some underdog’s go into the season this year. As well as the veteran’s Voyboy is as always a great player to watch as he is so entertaining. Team MRN got a big win to get the 8th spot in the qualifier. Excellent turn around games for them to get the chance to play. I look forward to this season.

Also it is possible to have a 3v3 with randoms and even at lvl 30 the guy playing Ezreal is clueless. He built tank…sad right! So I was Taric and friend was Renekton and even with out great play we couldn’t overcome Dr. Mundo and Amumu. I was rather angry with player who has no skill playing first time Ezreal. Apparently he hasn’t ever looked at recommended items.

Lee Sin – Master of the Jungle



Lee Sin is a jungle king. I have a lot of respect for anyone who has mastered this champion. He is very dangerous as a ganker. He uses a combo of slowing jumping and shielding to make anyone thinking about an easy kill think twice. When it comes to playing him effectively you need to gank often and use your abilities to keep the enemy contained. I recommend building him to have a bloodthirster and spirit visage because it will make his 1v1 fights in favor of him.

Build like this:

Hunters Machete + Potions(Good for early monster fights)
Wriggles Lantern(Makes you kill monsters faster and gives you gank damage)
Berserker Greaves(Speed boost)
Bloodthirster(Life Steal)
Spirit Visage(Boost lifesteal and health)
Frozen Mallet(Slow down enemies so they can’t get away)
Zephyr(Attack speed as well as a reduction on all enemy effects)
Sell Lantern at this point you no longer are jungling
Warmog’s Armor(Health and health regen makes you super hard to kill)