Review – Madden 13


I have played Madden since Madden ’97. I love football and that is rare for a girl. I love the strategy and intelligence that the game is. I love the Madden series for one reason. I can get on the game and play as my team and make the decisions of the franchise. From Coach mode to Superstar mode the game offers a wide variety of opportunity. Online play and online careers are optional but add a little variety to the same old dance. Of course there  are a ton of poor sportsmanlike  conduct. People will do anything to get you to quit to save their precious record.

I love superstar mode, but when I saw the achievement list for this game I had a Forza 4 flashback and just held back the tears of a completion nightmare. Online achievements are easy if you have a friend to help. Their are guides to help you achieve them without the grind of playing with random people.

The game is a huge improvement, but like anything EA does it has much missing that fans have requested for a long time. Someday the NFL monopoly will end and someone will give us a NFL game we want.

I give this game a 7.5/10 for a good game that has addressed some issues, but didn’t give the fans what they wanted completely. I recommend the game to fans of the series or NFL, but don’t go into the game expecting the holy grail of football.


Review: Resident Evil 6


First and Foremost Resident Evil Racoon City was a disappointment, and some were worried that this game was doomed to that fate as well. I believe that this game is a huge improvement from Racoon City, and even has a better gameplay that Resident Evil 5. The game jump into action with each characters story. I love the graphics, gunplay, and nonstop action. The story is well developed and doesn’t attempt to over complicate the series. It was a straight forward campaign for each, and it does have a nice co-op feature. I would recommend this game to a fan of the series easily, this is however not a kids game. It is graphic and very realistic looking. I would highly recommend that kids be given supervision if you choose to let your kid play it.

This game would receive a 8/10 from me because it was a well developed game that brings many of the RE gameplay back as any fan would expect or even demand. So go out and get it, cause it is worth the play through.

From League of Legends to Minecraft and Beyond!


I have spent a great deal of my free time playing the addicting game of League of Legend. It is a fun game that challenges you to play your best game with your best champion. I prefer Leona, Caitlyn, Katarina, Ahri, or Annie. The game offers hours of entertainment with a actual MLG circuit. Which is rare in the gaming world right now. I have spent time playing Minecraft(PC) and a few Xbox 360 games. Which include, Resident Evil 6, Assassin’s Creed Revelations, Borderlands 2, and Madden 13. I have also spent some time on Hulu plus watching South park from season 1 to current. If you would like some of my Minecraft Video’s or want to keep up on my adventure than just visit here for video’s.

Review – Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7


I enjoy the Lego games, and their is little better than Harry Potter. This game is a mirror of the first. It finishes the story based on the movies. There are the usual hurdles with the multiple replays and buying all the characters and extras. It will take at least 30 hours to get through the whole game thoroughly. However if you are just looking for a single play through I would say 10-15 hours of gameplay. If you only do what is necessary only, than 8-10 hours. The game is just as any other Lego game. I did mute the volume because it is irritating to listen to the sound effects of the game. Here is where I stand so far on the game. Click picture to get a zoom in look. I recommend this game if you like the Lego franchise, if not maybe this isn’t the game for you. Rating 7/10. For what the game is it really can’t get much better, it’s not necessarily ground breaking by any means and the game is very railed. It doesn’t stand out, but it doesn’t pale when compared to previous games. Hope this is helpful.