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From League of Legends to Minecraft and Beyond!


I have spent a great deal of my free time playing the addicting game of League of Legend. It is a fun game that challenges you to play your best game with your best champion. I prefer Leona, Caitlyn, Katarina, Ahri, or Annie. The game offers hours of entertainment with a actual MLG circuit. Which is rare in the gaming world right now. I have spent time playing Minecraft(PC) and a few Xbox 360 games. Which include, Resident Evil 6, Assassin’s Creed Revelations, Borderlands 2, and Madden 13. I have also spent some time on Hulu plus watching South park from season 1 to current. If you would like some of my Minecraft Video’s or want to keep up on my adventure than just visit here for video’s.

Review – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Certain games you decide to play, you kinda go in with low expectations. The Harry Potter games are no exception to this. While the games are fun, they aren’t exactly challenging. From average graphics to sub-par gameplay this is the budget game that EA hopes will be a big profit with little effort.

The game does follow the movie in a very altered way. Removing some of the movie and drastically changing the dialogue. It does a poor job of telling a story, but a good job of making it short and full of action. The game has a much improved casting system that works like a first person shooter in a way. Aim and shoot! Changing spells is a matter of using the other buttons. It has protego which is a shield that will falter with enough hits. Also it has the gears of war style of cover. With the blind fire option.

The graphics in this game are not special. Like most EA budget games it has low quality with some strange looking main characters. Bellatrix Lestrange looks like a patient in a crazy house with her hair all spazzed out in the front. Facial expressions are limited to basically cut-scenes. Most of the game is cut-scene and will be rather simple and quick. Mostly you spend a lot of the game fighting the deatheaters highlighted in the books and movie.

Gameplay is simple enough, with a easy to use controller system. There are several parts in the game where you are running from someone. It requires you to either cast at the person behind you or to destroy the environment to keep something away. The end of the game is a fight with Voldemort. It is the most annoying part because you have to get this ball of magic to hit him before it hits you. It will bring you hours of grief. I recommend watching a Youtube video for pointers.

Achievements are a mix of easy and difficult. Making you work hard for all 1000 points. The worst is finishing game on expert. With so many parts and so many bosses. This is no easy task. Dedication and persistence has always paid off for me. So keep you chin up and grind away!

While this is not a mind boggling game and will never win an award for ambition. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is what any gamer expected. A average Harry Potter game that is neither great nor horrible. I would give this game a 6/10 for a lack of effort and a poor interpretation of the story. It was too short and left out far too much of the story. Rent it don’t buy it!