Blame the Jungle for Everything


It is the usual reaction to losing that it is the junglers fault for everything going wrong. New flash, the jungle tries to create kill opportunities for the lanes and has to farm in order to do that.

If the jungler doesn’t gank on your lane there are two reasons why, you are either pushing hard on the lane and he can’t give you the gank without turret diving or the lane is warded and He can’t sneak in for a chance to gank.

It’ amazing how a team can turn against a jungler for not ganking, but there are times when a jungler is not helpful and they offer no aid at all.

I was playing as Hecarim in the jungle, I did not call jungle it as forced on me. I have played jungle before and know how to do it, but I am a support. So I am used to capitalizing on the mistakes made in lane.

So my bottom lane is pushing hard and they keep getting ganked by lee sin. So of course they turn on me because they don’t even use the mini map to see him walk through a river ward by dragon. I ping 4 times and even start to head down from wraiths.

Instantly Lee Sin has taken both of them down and the team turns on me. They start talking bad about me and telling the other team I just camp the monster camps.

I gave teemo on mid 5 ganks and h died each time to Galio. I gave ganks to my friend on top who was not warding and countered by Olaf while playing Riven. So he needed my help. Every time I ganked I would either have to take the kill or watch my team commit suicide.

Thing to Learn from jungling:

It is not the junglers responsibility to protect you from your own stupidity. They can assist you if you give them the chance to, but if you blame them for not being in lane ask yourself this. Am I making it easy for them to get to my lane? Do they have the opportunity to gank or am I making it hard to?

How can I get my jungler to gank? Example: Wards are down and you buy vision to give him a back way to the side grass. If they can’t see him they can’t beat him. Wait for a mistake and let the jungle or support initiate. Then clean up as adc and you get fed and your support jungle gets assist gold.

So quit crying about the jungle and learn how to make the gank easier and more often!


Taking a Deeper Look at League of Legends Gameplay


To start I would like to talk about bans and their purpose. Sometimes people will ban according to their counters. This is fine, as long as you ban the essential champions. Certain champions have a very dominant presence in pvp solo queue. Examples would be: Malphite, Shen, Blitzcrank, Akali, amumu, and thresh to name a few. It’s good to remove the most game changing champions. Blitz is the best example of that. He will destroy a unwary adc or support. So it is best to remove him. Also amumu, while his overall fighting presence is weak, but he creates plays out of little. So get him out of the game for start.

Choosing a champion, a lot of people will argue that every champion has a counter, and that if you pick the counter it changes the game. This is not always so true, for instance. I played akali mid against nidalee. Akali is a supposed counter to Nidalee. This is true to an extent, early game she can really poke you out of lane. You have to really play safe till 6 and then turn the table. Which I did, it was a good plan and would have worked, but we lost bottom and top super fast and I never got to see it play out cause they shut down our adc and I could only snowball so much. Pick a champion you know best, sure if you go into ranked with 1 mid champion then you are screwed, but if you have 2 or 3 champions per lane you are fine. Choose someone who will compete well against the competition. Example: Don’t play vayne against caitlyn unless you take a chance early and try for a kill. Caitlyn players are know for their aggressiveness and lack of passive use. They will use headshot 9/10 times on a minion and they never shoot from grass. So they really play their champion to half her potential. Of course Caitlyn is a champion who can hold her own even with a pretty bad player, just don’t let her beat you back. Force her to play defensive and lock her down with support.

Warding is a dying art in normal queue, people will play without a ward and blame jungle for getting ganked. Maybe buy a ward Eisenstein and then you can see the gank before it happens. Should be a common sense idea, but league players have proven to me they have rocks in their heads.

Top lane is another annoying thing. You always have 2 kinds of top lane players, the overly aggressive one and the hide under  turret and not CS one. Both are a waste of time in my opinion. They also love to play without a ward and wonder why they die over and over. When I play top I play smart and I take an aggressive stance when jungle is visible on a lane.

Map awareness! It called a mini map and it tells you what is going on around the map. It also alerts you to how your team is doing and where you can capitalize. Has everyone not seen a mid gank, it is really a good way to get a kill for you top or adc and it turns your team into a well oiled machine.

Last rant is a good one. It is called split pushing and it happens in every match I play. What you do is, you send a teammate up to top or bottom to push a lane while the rest of the team distracts them. I have won matches using a back door idea. I mean my team was top and I was mid pushing the second tower. Checking the mini map I saw all 5 were on top trying to stop the tower push. I then followed that up with a base tower and inhibitor. They never tried to stop me. I then went to bottom and pushed the tower and inhibitor. They finally realized I was using a back door tactic to win but it was too late. They surrendered right after. My advice is to practice split pushing it will help you win matches and learn map awareness.

Summoners Rift lvl 1

SummonersRift - Copy


From blue side is the traditional way to cover the invade. It is helpful to take golems for 2 reasons. You take a early lead on bottom and they respawn before jungler is over there. A early level 2 gives you the chance to dive for a kill. Try to switch the golems attention between you to keep your health up. If played right you can dominate the lane with the extra Exp early game. Make sure your 60 second ward goes above the dragon in the bush. Place it at 1:20 and it  will give the invade vision you need since the tri-bush will be covered by the adc and you till close to 1:30 when the minions and monsters spawn. Make sure to ward according to the situation if you are backed against the turret place a ward in the tri-bush, and if you have an aggressive support on the other team ward to bush on the side so you can see the movement. If you start pushing hard place a ward near dragon but make sure it is closer to the blue on river. That way if they come from blue to gank you see it earlier. Map awareness as a support is crucial, a good support knows where the jungler is and pushes accordingly. If the jungler is top, then push hard and try to get the kill, now if you don’t want to push the turret then you let the minions do the work. You can make a wave of minions stack by killing the ranged minions and letting to combat minions fight. They have higher hp and it will stack the minion waves making it harder for the team to ignore the wave. Do this often to split the team and win team fights. Remember a good support takes wards often and protects the adc, sacrificing yourself to protect them gives them time to recall or wait for jungler.

People that need Their Mouth Washed out with Soap

After the match this guy actually sat their talking shit to me saying I was the worst thresh ever! Fact: I was the main reason my team was in the fight because I was initiating on them well. He was just butt hurt because I shut him down so many times as a support.