League of Legends – Who is to Blame for loss?


For a longtime now it is customary for the gamer’s in our midst to blame others for a loss. However many times it is usually a matter of how each person performs in lane and in team fights. To better understand the possible reasons for a loss lets ask ourselves these questions.

In what way did the jungle help and aide early game and did he keep up in lvl?

Did the support ward properly and use their abilities to set up kills and deny farm to the adc?

Did the adc cs well and did they take advantage of mismatches and possible leads in lane?

Did the apc ward mid properly? Did the apc offer ganks to the lanes and successfully feed the adc in lane?

Did top provide the proper build to compliment the team composition and to help carry the team to a win?

Did the team take objectives?(Towers, Baron, and Dragon)

Did the team present proper team fight tactics such as focus the apc or adc to shut down the damage?

Did the team split push when the enemy was grouped on a lane? If not was it the best decision to split push or defend?

Some great jungle tips are the following:

I love to play pantheon in the jungle and I love to gank after blue on bottom if purple side or top if blue side. Usually if I have a good adc support it gets adc first blood and that means a lot for the rest of the game. I then go wolves, wraiths, red, and sometimes a jungle may go for my red which is why I like to get first blood to make up for it. However sometimes a jungle is just not thinking and my red wil be there when I move over that way. I notice a Lee sin player will usually invade my red anyway so I will go steal theirs after first blood. The goal on most jungles is to monitor the lanes and farm the monster camps, but if your team is losing lane then you have to react with a gank more often. I have changed games just ganking early and often. You lose the level and that hurts but if your lane is fed  you did a good job and can go back to farming. Remember that blue on mid is a great way to help them get ahead and if you can take away their blue it makes it better. Just remember counter jungling is risky. So if you go in drop a ward and have vision on the enemy so you can counter it better.

In lane you should be farming and harrassing, and a support is supposed to deny farm from the enemy. So get in there and force them to miss  the cs. Top needs to ward and know the location of mid and jungle, it is usually the downfall of top that they do not ward and watch the map and get ganked easily by mid and jungle. Ping a missing enemy and make sure people know it!

If you play your role correctly and ward than you did your job. If someone else didn’t do the same don’t cuss at them, but encourage a new strategy. After all it is a team game.


League of Legends Season 3 NA Qualifiers


Looking back on the champions that stood out in the qualifiers. I have to say the one champion everyone didn’t want to play was Evelynn. Who can blame them, right! She is a great jungler that can use her array of abilities to keep someone from escaping or even a mid champ that can push the front turret and give her team a dangerous lead. I also as always saw the instant ban on Malphite. He is a very dangerous champion to deal with. Cho’Gath and Urgot were used with excellent execution. I loved seeing Nunu in the support role. He is so hard to deal with if given a chance to ult in the middle of a fight. Group fights were often decided by the skill of the adc and apc.’

It’s good too see some underdog’s go into the season this year. As well as the veteran’s Voyboy is as always a great player to watch as he is so entertaining. Team MRN got a big win to get the 8th spot in the qualifier. Excellent turn around games for them to get the chance to play. I look forward to this season.

Also it is possible to have a 3v3 with randoms and even at lvl 30 the guy playing Ezreal is clueless. He built tank…sad right! So I was Taric and friend was Renekton and even with out great play we couldn’t overcome Dr. Mundo and Amumu. I was rather angry with player who has no skill playing first time Ezreal. Apparently he hasn’t ever looked at recommended items.

My Guide to Sivir


Sivir is a great Attack Damage Carry(ADC) Champion, She is extremely dangerous because her boomerang deals damage twice once through targets and again on way back. She is great at harassing early game and killing late game. Although she has no slowing effects she does possess a ultimate(R) that can chase down even Master Yi. For this reason she is quite dangerous to be around with low health. Because she deals a lot of damage without her ultimate, once she uses it she gets a major attack speed/damage and movement boost for a short duration. To make her even harder to kill she possesses a shield as well as a damage/speed boost. So she can usually take a final shot and if you are low on health it usually means death. So I been messing with her build and really like this build.

Doran’s Blade to Start.
Recall with 900 gold Berserker Greaves(Attack speed boost.)
Infinity Edge(Crit and atk dmg)
Phantom Dancer(More Crit and atk spd)
Frozen Mallet(Health and dmg)
Mercurial Scimitar(Magic Resist and atk dmg)
(Sell Doran)Atma’s Impaler(Armor and Crit and atk dmg perk)

Lee Sin – Master of the Jungle



Lee Sin is a jungle king. I have a lot of respect for anyone who has mastered this champion. He is very dangerous as a ganker. He uses a combo of slowing jumping and shielding to make anyone thinking about an easy kill think twice. When it comes to playing him effectively you need to gank often and use your abilities to keep the enemy contained. I recommend building him to have a bloodthirster and spirit visage because it will make his 1v1 fights in favor of him.

Build like this:

Hunters Machete + Potions(Good for early monster fights)
Wriggles Lantern(Makes you kill monsters faster and gives you gank damage)
Berserker Greaves(Speed boost)
Bloodthirster(Life Steal)
Spirit Visage(Boost lifesteal and health)
Frozen Mallet(Slow down enemies so they can’t get away)
Zephyr(Attack speed as well as a reduction on all enemy effects)
Sell Lantern at this point you no longer are jungling
Warmog’s Armor(Health and health regen makes you super hard to kill)

A League of Legends Rant


Today for the first time I wondered if all lvl 30’s know how to play League. I was sen to top lane as Leblanc with none other than Alistar. Last time I checked alistar is support and Leblanc is apc. So this idiot playing alistar is literally trying to take all the kills and failing. When a champion is near death because of my work he uses his knock back effect launching them out of my range and his. Meaning the person is saved by the dead head Alistar player and instead of feeding me to be a dangerous person to fight. I become a glass cannon without the cannon. We lost so bad that Everyone quit but me. So I just danced in the home base and told the other team to hurry up and win. Which they did thankfully. So if ever you get stuck with a bad player I feel for you!