PlayStation 4: Hopeful for Release in 2012

How can Sony make a huge impact on both Microsoft and Nintendo? Well for starters releasing a system that will be far more advanced in software and hardware could help. Sony made a statement when the PlayStation 3 released. That statement was simple. Our console is superior. They did however have some huge set backs in early launch from Online features to the insane price tag. However this time around they have a chance to move smoothly into the next generation console. Some of the key things that will set them ahead this time around.

PlayStation 4 Key Sales Pitches:
1. Body can act as controller
2. Voice Command feature
3. Most Advanced Hardware and Software
4. Exclusive’s
5. Price Tag(Consumer Friendly Price on Release)

PlayStation 4 Must Have Features:
1. An Improved Online Experience(Better than Xbox Live)
2. More to offer from PlayStation Network
3. A Redesigned Controller(Make Navigation a Breeze)

Sony has a chance to get ahead of Microsoft early. Nintendo has a great console releasing, but Sony can be dominant just in exclusive titles. They have a superior system in the PS3, but modern console design and hardware will boost sales. Sony has at least a couple years to build a community around PS4. They could be way ahead of Microsoft without much effort. I hope the price tag will be reasonable. I waited for a long time to get a PS3 because price was insane. The consumer looks at price as much as game selection. Offer both at reasonable prices and boom sales boost. Also could we see a lock out on resale for PS4? I mean Capcom has lead the way. We already pay extra for multiplayer, maps, and expansions.


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