Review – Madden 13


I have played Madden since Madden ’97. I love football and that is rare for a girl. I love the strategy and intelligence that the game is. I love the Madden series for one reason. I can get on the game and play as my team and make the decisions of the franchise. From Coach mode to Superstar mode the game offers a wide variety of opportunity. Online play and online careers are optional but add a little variety to the same old dance. Of course there  are a ton of poor sportsmanlike  conduct. People will do anything to get you to quit to save their precious record.

I love superstar mode, but when I saw the achievement list for this game I had a Forza 4 flashback and just held back the tears of a completion nightmare. Online achievements are easy if you have a friend to help. Their are guides to help you achieve them without the grind of playing with random people.

The game is a huge improvement, but like anything EA does it has much missing that fans have requested for a long time. Someday the NFL monopoly will end and someone will give us a NFL game we want.

I give this game a 7.5/10 for a good game that has addressed some issues, but didn’t give the fans what they wanted completely. I recommend the game to fans of the series or NFL, but don’t go into the game expecting the holy grail of football.


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